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I have got a wealth of information during the training and learned how i can deliver great shootings ! Thank you !

Emanuel G. – Luxembourg

Great content and value helping me to upgrade my skills and gain more confidence. I'm ready to rock now !

Javier M. – Luxembourg

As a freelance videographer, i've upgraded my skills to join the network.

Benjamin B. – Luxembourg

About the trainer.

Introducing Andrii Mitin, the Art Director at Veezzy who has played a pivotal role in shaping our vision and elevating our creative journey. With over a decade of experience as a photographer and videographer, Andrii’s journey began in the picturesque landscapes of Ukraine and has since expanded to include international shootings and events, bringing a wealth of expertise and a unique artistic flair to our team.

His role as the designer of the videographers’ training program at Veezzy reflects not only his technical proficiency but also his dedication to nurturing the next generation of visual storytellers. Under his guidance, aspiring videographers have the opportunity to learn and grow.

Andrii Mitin

The programme

Videography Basics & Tips

Videography Light & Gears

Audio & Sound Recording

Restaurant Shooting Scenario